Get Rid of Dead or Damaged Trees Right Away


Contact us about tree removal services in Plainfield, IN

Diseased or damaged trees could pose a serious threat to your property and anyone nearby. That’s why Midwest Contracting Enterprises, LLC provides comprehensive tree care services. We handle tree removal and stump grinding work in Plainfield, IN. 

Whether a storm has left your yard littered with fallen trees and branches or you simply need a tree removed and a stump ground, our Plainfield, IN team can take care of your job quickly and carefully. 

Call 317-993-0089 today to set up tree removal and stump grinding services.


Some of the most important features of your property are your trees. They protect your home from wind, shelter birds and other wildlife and beautify your property. Midwest Contracting Enterprises in Plainfield, IN will help you take care of your trees by providing routine tree trimming services.

Getting regular tree trimming services can keep your tree healthier longer by:

Removing excess weight that might cause your tree to split in a windstorm

Cutting down diseased branches that could infect the rest of the tree

Making sure your tree branches don’t get overcrowded

Reach out to us right away to set up tree trimming services. We can also manage your shrubs for you.